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Google Trusted Photographer badge
360 Virtual Tours of art gallery
360 Photography and Virtual Tours of car

360 Photography and Google Virtual Tours in Pakistan.

A 360° image is basically a spherical panorama image with the added element of interactivity. The purpose of 360° photography is to give the viewer a “behind the scenes” experience as if they were present in the very center of the action.
Using specialised equipment and knowledge, Abbrar Cheema is creating 360 virtual tours of Hotels, Resorts, Properties and Automobiles in major cities of Pakistan i.e. Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad. Also his focus is to promote the northern areas of Pakistan.
Google has certified Abbrar Cheema as their “Google Trusted Photographer” because he meets Google’s standards of quality for taking 360 panoramic pictures.
360 Photography and Virtual Tour of jeep
Google Trusted Photographer badge

Hotel and Resort Photography.


Abbrar Cheema is specialised in creating quality images for hotels and resorts across the country in an affordable and effective manner. His experience and knowledge of the hospitality industry allows him to capture the quality and details of your property. Your superior product deserves his exceptional photography.

Rooms photography

Resorts Photography

Hotels Photography





Commercial Photography


Commercial photography is used to promote or sell a product or service. There are a number of ways that photographs can be used to better market products and corporations. Abbrar Cheema has great experience, knowledge and equipment to serve the market.

Landscape Photography


Abbrar Cheema is doing landscape photography for a variety of reasons. The most common is to capture a personal observation or experience while being in the outdoors, especially when traveling. He pursues it particularly as an outdoor lifestyle, being involved with nature, also as an escape from the artificial world.






Rural life

Urban life

Daily life

Mountains life

Cultural Photography


Making worthwhile cultural photographs is often not as simple as simply clicking the shutter however, It requires an element of curiosity to see what is significant in the world around us as well as, an element of discipline to photographically document it. This requires a thoughtful selection of what is to be photographed.

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